Saturday, March 1, 2008

High Quality Backgrounds (InterfaceLIFT)

This by far the best site I found on the web for backgrounds (or wallpapers, for Wimdows users). The nice thing about this website is that you can upload backgrounds that you designed yourself, but they must be approved first, which is good, because the website is just full of high quality backgrounds. The search function is awesome. You can just choose the resolution your running and your set. It will show all the backgrounds on the site that fit your resolution. They also have iPhone/iPod touch, Sony PSP, and iPod (nano and classic) resolution backgrounds. 

They're not just limited to backgrounds, they have icons and themes too, but I don't really change my icons or themes. Recently, they released the iPhone version of the website, for easily navigating from iPhone/iPod touch.

I guess thats it for me today. Be sure to check the website out. Blog to you soon.

P.S. Please comment or hit me up at for feedback.


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